Quality of Life, Psychosocial Intervention and Citizenship 

Elsa Montenegro
  • Assistant Professor at the Higher Institute of Social Service of Porto (ISSSP).
  • She has a degree in Social Service (2000) and a postgraduate degree in "Approaches and Intervention Models in Adolescence" (2003) from the same Institute. PhD in Sociology from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (2012).
  • She is an integrated researcher at the Lusiada Research Center on Social Work and Social Intervention, in Lisbon.
  • Since 2000, she has been teaching at the Instituto Superior de Serviço Social do Porto in the framework of the licenciaturas em Serviço Social e Gerontologia Social and of the mestrado em Intervenção Social na Infância e Juventude em Risco de Exclusão Social. She has been supervising curricular internships (1st and 2nd cycles) in the area of promotion and protection of children and young people at risk and humanisation of health care.
  • She also has work experience, since 2001, with socially vulnerable children, young people and families, within the scope of the intervention projects promoted by the Qualificar para Incluir (QpI) Association, a social solidarity association in Porto whose main mission is to interrupt processes of intergenerational reproduction of poverty.
  • Integrates the Communication and Media Group of the Portuguese Palliative Care Association (since 2018) and the Scientific Council of the Project "Vamos Cuidar. Paediatric Palliative Care" promoted by ATTitude - Social Solidarity Association (2019).
  • More recently (2019), he joined the Scientific Council of the Academy of Leaders UBUNTU, promoted by the Padre António Vieira Institute.