Lab.IS is an interface/extension unit of the Lusíada Center for Research in Social Work and Social Intervention (CLISSIS), and shares a cross-fertilization structure with the school’s other research groups. It aims to promote inclusion and socio-territorial innovation.

This Laboratory is a space for sharing ideas and creating open solutions. In its activity of innovation and intervention in the community, Lab.IS conceives, plans, executes, and evaluates projects of innovation and socio-territorial development.

Its intervention is based on strategies of active participation, articulating people, private and public entities, relating capacities and opportunities to realize innovative solutions that respond to the needs and aspirations of the people.

 It promotes linkages between and among partners, joining companies, associations, IPSS, and universities or research centers, co-constructing life projects and identities, contributing to a socially just society, and focusing on sustainable well-being.


  • It responds to the information and knowledge needs of society, through reflection and debate on processes of socio-territorial innovation;
  • It responds to the learning needs of society, through the production and sharing of information that is useful to the community regarding socio-territorial innovation;
  • It responds to society’s needs for action through the creation and encouragement of projects and partnerships of socio-territorial innovation in the intersection between (consistent) theory, (existing) practice, and experimentation in context;
  • It responds to the needs of qualification of the action of the organizations through applied research and experimentation with methods and entrepreneurial solutions of socio-territorial innovation;
  • It responds to the needs of changing the behavior of people and organizations through the presentation of proposals and solutions of socio-territorial innovation.
  • Collection, treatment, elaboration, and publication of knowledge on the topics explored by CLISSIS;
  • Organization of meetings, gatherings, and information workshops for reflecting on and generating knowledge;
  • Development of experiences and experimentation of methodologies and competencies of creativity and socio-territorial innovation;
  • Consultancy for the development of socio-territorial innovation projects, namely, through the design, implementation, and evaluation of projects;
  • Stimulation of experimental and training camps in socio-territorial development;
  • Promotion of social networks and communities of practices that nurture socio-territorial innovation.